Braintree Free Range Medievil Spit Roast

It has been a Very busy festive season and Herts Hog Roasts have been providing spit roast catering for private parties and hog roast catering for corporate events throughout Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties over the last month and it seems everyone wants to feast, drink and party… This year has just been so busy we really have not had chance to rest.  Where has the time gone?

We are going back in time and providing a spit roast feast for a 40th Birthday party. The theme is Medievil Spit Roast and Herts Hog Roasts have been asked to come up with a menu to befit the occasion.

The party was held in a large red and white striped marquee was in the garden and beside the entrance was a set of stocks… Let’s hope our food is up to the mark I commented to the host as we carried in the fifty kilo free range hog that was for supper.

We set up our catering marquee at the back of the garden and set about preparing the feast for the medieval hog roast banquet. During the summer a hog roast goes really well with some nice freshly made salads and hot new potatoes but it is cold, wet and something a little hotter was the order of the day. We had decided on jacket potatoes and a selection of roasted vegetables to accompany the spit roast.

The marquee had been dressed rather well and you could almost believe you were a few hundred years in the past. We had decorated our serving tables with a hessian cloth and draped ivy around the edges. The serving bowls were made of wood and added to the authenticity and the table was complete with two pig’s heads at either end.

All we needed was a couple of willing wenches to help our merry chefs. Herts Hog Roasts dressed for the occasion and we were all dressed in medieval attire…. The chefs wore tunics, tights and floppy hats while the waitresses wore flowing frocks to look the part.

We laid the long rows of tables with hessian cloth, wooden plates, silver goblets and candle sticks which we had hired from the wooden bench company who are based in Braintree and we had provided a few barrels of real ale which we had delivered a few days ago so it could rest. We had also provided a selection of silver pewter tankards which were placed on the bar for guests to have a good pint of ale.

The guests started to arrive and most had gone to great lengths to befit the occasion. The costumes were great…. mostly tunics, knight costumes and long gowns, but there were a few ladies that had decided that the saucier dress ware was better suited for the night and Basques, stockings and high heels were on show…..not sure if they were in fashion in those days but if they were I would not complain !!  Send them to the stocks and throw rotten fruit at them for lowering the tone!!

We greeted the guests with goblets of Pimms and a very potent punch and our wench waitresses glided about with slate trays of canapés for starters.

The host had arranged for a couple of jesters to entertain for a few hours before serving time and they danced,  played musical instruments and entertained the guests with tricks and songs.

Lord and Lady Moore as the hosts were known as for the night and there peasant guests took their place at the tables and we set about serving them a medieval hog roast supper.

We had decided that serving the meat, vegetables and potatoes on large platters would best be suited and then the guests could all tuck in and help themselves. It all adds to a rustic feel and looked great. Our waitresses kept the beer and wine flowing and could be seen carrying four or five silver pewter tankards at a time to the revellers who by now were getting rather noisy and merry and shouting more ale wench!!

The night was a huge success and we served piping hot bread and butter pudding and spotted dick and custard for desserts. Again these were simply placed on the banquet tables and guests just helped themselves.

The tables had been placed in a square around the marquee leaving a space in the middle for the dance floor. As we cleared away a bit more modern music was playing and Lord and Lady Moore and their guests started to party in style.

A hog roast is for any occasion or event and will add a focal attraction to your catering. Guests are wowed as their meat is slowly roasting before their eyes and the aroma that fills the air and gently wafts up your nostrils will have you drooling and licking your lips as you await your meat feast.