Hemel Hampsted Hertfordshire Fire Works Party

The clocks have gone back and the nights are now longer and colder as autumn slowly ends and winter takes it turn. Our busy summer providing hog roasts in Berkhamsted and catering in Harlow is starting to slow down as people kind of hibernate through the miserable colder months.
We do how ever have busy spells around Halloween and bonfire night and then also just before Christmas as firms have corporate event catering in London to treat their hard working staff to a hog roast party to round of the year.
On Saturday we were providing a hog roast in Hemel Hempstead for Sharon and Brian who live in Leverstock Green. It was a fire work party and all the guests had brought along their own boxes of bangers, crackers and enough TNT to light up the night skies for hours and hours.
We set up our smaller catering marquee as we thought it would be safe to be tucked into a small corner of the garden well away from the fireworks show that was to come later.
The free range fifty kilo hog which will easily feed 120 guests had been lightly scored and salted before we started cooking in our state of the art hog roast machine. The hog roast machines we have are the Rolls Royce of equipment when it comes to hog roast catering in Hemel Hempstead and guarantee perfect golden crispy crackling every time. The hog takes about six hours to cook… It slowly rotates over dancing flames and bastes in its own juices which produce the most succulent sweet flavoured pork. This is just irresistible served in a soft fresh bap with apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing and of course the all important crackling.
Sharon and Brian had invited about 100 guests which are ideal numbers for hog roast catering. Luckily they have a nice large garden so everyone was well away from where the display was being set up.
All guests were present at around eight o’clock. We were serving hot chunky vegetable soup to help keep the guests warm as the fire work display began. Whizzes, bangs and screams filled the air for around half hour or so and the night skies were lit with a spectacular display to music.
The hog was cooked to perfection…. Golden bubbly crackling enveloped the tender moist pork. The food probe was reading 78 degrees and we were ready to go. The stuffing was made and the guests were invited to come for the hog roast Hemel Hempstead supper. The guests could be heard in the queue commenting on the mouth watering aroma that was wafting their way….. Teasing and tantalising their taste buds as they waited for their spit roast pig
Soft fresh baps were loaded with the moist tender pork which was sliced straight from the hog, piping hot stuffing and sweet apple sauce topped the roast pork and as the guests walked off munching on their pork baps, echoes of delicious, wows and comments of yum yum filled the air.
Once every one had been served, many came back for a second helping and by now all the scratchings, as we call them were perfectly crisp as they had fried away on the hot plate. The scratching are my favourite…. small bits that have fried away on the hotplate for half hour or so and become crisp and caramelised. These flavoursome morsels really do hit the spot and guests return for more and more to nibble on during the night.
The evening was a huge success and many guests asked for our Herts hog roast business cards as they contemplated having a spit roast catering event in Hertfordshire for their next party.
On the subject of your next party….. We are taking many bookings for next year and already some Saturdays are fully booked. So if you are thinking of a spit roast in Tring or maybe BBQ catering in Aylesbury, be sure to contact us at Herts Hog Roasts and let us help make your event one to remember and one for you to enjoy without any worry of having to slave away in the kitchen.

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