Macintyre Care in St Albans Hog Roast

This afternoon, Herts Hog Roasts are providing a spit roast feast for care patients, family and friends and staff at Macintyre Care in St Albans.

Macintyre Care are a national charity providing residential care, learning support and supported living schemes for many children and adults who are in need of daily help to overcome learning disabilities and medical conditions.  Macintyre Care is committed to providing individual support to all patients to help each person live their life the way they want to and as fulfilled as possible.

Herts Hog Roasts wowed every one with a delicious hog roast which was cooked to perfection…. Succulent tender spit roasted pork encased with the crispiest golden crackling which we served with piping hot sage and onion stuffing and sweet apple sauce. An alternative of spit roast turkey was on offer with chipolata sausages and fresh cranberry sauce. We served the spit roast with an array of freshly made salads and hot new potatoes with fresh mint and herb butter. For dessert, we provided a selection of delicious cakes and tarts which were dressed with ripe berries, mint and fresh cream.

Staff and patients, alongside close friends and family thoroughly enjoyed the spit roast feast and the togetherness of all was clear to be seen…. Dedication and support really does make a difference to the lives of people who are unfortunate to need daily help and at Macintyre Care the care and support is beyond expectations.

Nobody was left out; some patient’s conditions prevented them from attending the hog roast Christmas party in person as they are confined to their beds.  But Macintyre Care staff goes to extreme lengths to help make everyone feel valued and loved. Their spit roast festive feast was liquidised and served to their rooms.

Most of us are very fortunate to be able to party, live life to the full and enjoy a care free life. For many people this is not possible…. Illness and disabilities affect many people in many ways. Their lives and their day to day needs are transformed with the professional help that Macintyre Care offer to every person in their care.